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Well, we spent yesterday in the studio recording ‘A Grave Mistake’. It’s very funny, a little bit grim, and has jokes about verrucas, vulvas, and Ronnie Corbett.

It’ll be in your ears very shortly. Thanks for bearing with us during our ‘difficult’ down month…


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I do hope you’re all listening to The Man In Black on BBC Radio 7. If you like what we do, you might want to have a listen.

When the first episode was broadcast on Halloween, a day after the release of Daed Skinny, I was amused to hear a number of similar elements: a lead character who wastes away, hair dropping out, and a weird prominence for loose teeth. How rare, I thought, and continued writing Episode 2.

Episode 2 is called Silent As The Grave, but its original title – the one that I planned for it originally – was ‘Death Us Do Part’. Have a listen when it comes out at the end of the month, and you’ll find out why. Episode 2 of The Man In Black is called… ‘Death Us Do Part’. Again: rare…

Then I listened to their third episode, ‘Flesh’.  I don’t want to give too much away before we release Silent As The Grave. However, we finished recording it last Wednesday (before The Man In Black came out), and had the rough cut on Friday afternoon.  The sharp of ear may well notice at least one… similarity.

It’s enough to make you believe in ghosts…

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(in a non-rude way…)

Yes, it’s done. Our first recording session was today, and all of the voices for October’s podcast have been inscribed onto metal tapes by elves, and are being stored in a magic cavern, as is my understanding. Many thanks to Raoul Brand who beat the elves until they did it right. He really beat them quite hard. Almost unnecessarily hard…

The cast is dreamy, and a nice nod to the glory days of The Meeting (don’t ask – it will take far too long to explain), those shouting in a small room were: Zoe S Battley, Ruth Bratt, Michael Greco, Darren Strange, Mark Talbot,  Nathaniel Tapley, and John Voce.

It was a veritable orgy of vocal-comedy genius, and I felt hugely privileged to sit on the other side of a glass wall and shout at them to do it better. Really, really lovely.

Anyway, I must sleep, for tomorrow we have a heavy day of rending chicken carcasses and throwing things to make sound effects for all of the bits that the actors were to lazy to… well, act.

Sweet screams…

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