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We won the Parsec award for Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster! Big thank yous to the people who worked so hard organising the awards, to all of the cast and crew who gave their time and talents so freely, and, most of all, to those of you who download the podcasts.

I’m doing actual human cheek-blushes…


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We had a most delightful review in the West Sussex Gazette today. In fact, it was so lovely, I shall quote from it extensively:

IF YOU like your comedy as dark and bitter as the purest black chocolate then In The Gloaming will be just to your taste.

For there are no taboos in this Gothic-horror style hour of comedy at the Arundel Jailhouse – and TV’s Tales of the Unexpected seem tame in comparison.

The one-man show at the Arundel Festival, written and performed by the genius that is Nathaniel Tapley, is rich with black humour – but so strong that many maiden aunts, and even some who are a little worldly wise, might find themselves shocked into an early grave.
It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Death is a recurring theme as Mr Tapley relives some of his finest monthly podcasts which have won a cult following on the internet and beyond.

But religion, politics, murder, and perversion of all types have the spotlight shone upon them as Mr Tapley recalls ghosts of the past to narrate their shocking tales.

Mr Tapley is an extraordinarily skilled actor and polished writer with a gimlet wit – but unlike many comedians there is nothing reassuringly safe about his material.

Michael McIntyre he is not.”

That’s what you’re missing, those of you who have not already come. Tickets are still available for Friday’s performance, which is at 7pm in the Arundel Jailhouse. Tickets cost £6.

In other news, the script for the next podcast is being polished, and as soon as we have all of our performers back from the gaping maw of Edinburgh, we shall go into the studio to record our next episode. Apologies to all for the wait, but we hope you’ll really think it’s worth it.

We’re also finalists for the Parsec Awards in the two categories in which we were nominated, and shall be making an extra special announcement in the next week or so that should really send a chill up your spine…

Thank you all for your support, and sweet, sweet screams…

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We’ve been nominated for a couple of Parsec Awards, which will be presented at Dragon*Con in September. This is hugely gratifying and almost – but not quite – makes us feel a little better at the bizarre behaviour of the Sony Radio Academy in failing to even nominate us for one of their awards.

They thought Richard Herring was better. And Andy Zaltzman. And a podcast about Hackney. Not that we’re in the slightest bitterly plotting their downfall. Oh no…

On the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 27th August, we’re going to be performing in the infamous Ghost Experience at Arundel Festival. This will be a unique opportunity to see the In The Gloaming cast up close and personal, performing a mix of new and old material in a ghastly venue. Not to be missed…

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