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(in a non-rude way…)

Yes, it’s done. Our first recording session was today, and all of the voices for October’s podcast have been inscribed onto metal tapes by elves, and are being stored in a magic cavern, as is my understanding. Many thanks to Raoul Brand who beat the elves until they did it right. He really beat them quite hard. Almost unnecessarily hard…

The cast is dreamy, and a nice nod to the glory days of The Meeting (don’t ask – it will take far too long to explain), those shouting in a small room were: Zoe S Battley, Ruth Bratt, Michael Greco, Darren Strange, Mark Talbot,  Nathaniel Tapley, and John Voce.

It was a veritable orgy of vocal-comedy genius, and I felt hugely privileged to sit on the other side of a glass wall and shout at them to do it better. Really, really lovely.

Anyway, I must sleep, for tomorrow we have a heavy day of rending chicken carcasses and throwing things to make sound effects for all of the bits that the actors were to lazy to… well, act.

Sweet screams…


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So, casting is underway and Podcast #1, tentatively titled ‘Dead Skinny’, is beginning to take shape. It’s a gruesome little slice of body-horror in the Cronenberg vein (although not, yet, in any of Cronenberg’s veins).

Tomorrow is talking to more actors, and seeing if I can nab a very special guest star…

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