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Award-winning horror-comedy returns to the West End for Hallowe’en

London, 16th October, 2012

Expect screams of terror and hilarity when the award-winning horror-comedy podcasts In The Gloaming make their debut at the Leicester Square Theatre next week.

The team behind the In The Gloaming podcasts return with In The Gloaming Live! at the Leicester Square Theatre on the 25th and 28th October, 2012.

Started in 2009, the In The Gloaming podcasts were an opportunity for a group of young comedians to get together once a month. Within six months they were winning international awards, taking centre stage at the World Horror Festival, and getting thousands of downloads. This month, as part of the Leicester Square Theatre’s 13th Hour Horror Festival, they will be back on stage once more.

Devised by Nathaniel Tapley, a comedy writer and performer for The News Quiz, The Revolution Will Be Televised, Dick And Dom’s Funny Business, and Gigglebiz amongst other things, In The Gloaming was created as a tribute to a kind of programme that doesn’t often get made any more.

I was watching a lot of Tales of the Unexpected and Hammer House Of Horror and wondered why we didn’t have anything similar. We’d also just had another baby, so I had lots of long, sleepless nights to fill with making up nasty little stories,” Tapley says.

He assembled a cast which included ex-Eastender Michael Greco, and talented character comedians like Lizzie Roper (Dead Boss), Darren Strange (Parents), Ruth Bratt (Mongrels, Derek), and John Voce (Miranda), and they created a whole series of horror-comedy podcasts that took the world by storm.

The mixture of spooky stories and silly humour proved an instant hit. The episodes, presented by creepy Melmoth Darkleigh soon garnered a huge online audience. Within two months they were receiving thousands of downloads of every episode.

As the cast got busier it got more difficult to arrange times when they could get together and record. In 2010, the team won a Parsec Award (an international prize) for Best New Podcaster, but could not manage to schedule recording any more episodes after that.

This October, however, the Leicester Square Theatre asked them to perform their original episodes, as well as a brand new one written exclusively for the show, for which they have re-assembled the original cast.

Tapley says, “It’s great that the Leicester Square Theatre have given us the opportunity to revisit all of the fun we had a couple of years ago. It lets us introduce our grisly mix of belly-laughs, and belly-innards to a whole new group of people.”

In The Gloaming Live! at the Leicester Square Theatre on the 25th and 28th October, 2012. Performances are at 21:00 on the 25th and 20:30 on the 28th, and tickets cost £10.

COMPANY INFORMATION: In The Gloaming were a series of horror-comedy podcasts launched in 2009. They won the 2010 Parsec Award for Best New Podcasters.


Nathaniel Tapley,

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Here, at long last, is our new In The Gloaming. It’s very silly and quite horrible. Love it as we do…

Download this episode (right click and save)

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Well, we spent yesterday in the studio recording ‘A Grave Mistake’. It’s very funny, a little bit grim, and has jokes about verrucas, vulvas, and Ronnie Corbett.

It’ll be in your ears very shortly. Thanks for bearing with us during our ‘difficult’ down month…

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Just to let you know that on Wednesday 24th February I’m taking a bunch of excellent comedians back into the studio to record our first Gloaming of the New Year. Thanks to everyone for being so understanding last month, you’ve got a great one coming up to make up for it…

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The snow’s falling outside my shed, which means it must be time to share our Christmas Special with you. It’s a festive ghost story, and it’s called… The Night Whisperer.

Sweet Screams!

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Yesterday, we recorded the Christmas Special for In The Gloaming. We’ve got a stellar cast that includes Zoe S. Battley, Ruth Bratt, Sally Chattaway, Emma Powell, Lizzie Roper, Darren Strange, John Voce & me. It’s an excellent cast, and they were all too brilliant for words yesterday.

Needless to say, I’m hyper-excited about the Christmas episode.

Last month, you may have noticed, the cast was a little Natt-heavy. This was because we had a number of people drop out in the 24 hours before we recorded, so I ended up having to do a lot of things I wouldn’t usually do. Like, you know, acting…

If you haven’t yet listened to Silent As The Grave it’s here and is our nastiest and time-bendiest yet…

The Christmas episode, The Night Whisperers, will be available from the weekend before Christmas, so look out for it then!

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