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OK. Two things.

First the anthology in which I have a story is running a competition. If you explain why I would be the ideal companion in the event of a zombie attack, you could win a prize. So, you could go and do that if you’ve got an extremely good imagination, or believe that an uncanny ability to fashion puns that refer to obscure sexual acts will be a skill that will come in handy when the undead rise from their graves and march upon their living to crack open their skulls and feast on the tasty innards.

Second, the big show at the Brighton Fringe Festival is tomorrow evening. If you haven’t already, I urge you to buy tickets now. Because if lots of people buy them then I can stop posting messages about the show on social networks and actually learn some skills which might come in useful in the event of a zombie-based apocalyptic event.

I could learn tae-kwon-do. I probably won’t, but I could. Or rifle shooting. Or how to fashion a shelter out of twigs and hedgehog turd. The newfound free time might just enable me to become the perfect companion in times of zombie attack.

Whatever. Think about it.


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We’ve been nominated for a couple of Parsec Awards, which will be presented at Dragon*Con in September. This is hugely gratifying and almost – but not quite – makes us feel a little better at the bizarre behaviour of the Sony Radio Academy in failing to even nominate us for one of their awards.

They thought Richard Herring was better. And Andy Zaltzman. And a podcast about Hackney. Not that we’re in the slightest bitterly plotting their downfall. Oh no…

On the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 27th August, we’re going to be performing in the infamous Ghost Experience at Arundel Festival. This will be a unique opportunity to see the In The Gloaming cast up close and personal, performing a mix of new and old material in a ghastly venue. Not to be missed…

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We will be performing the first two live performances of In The Gloaming plays on stage at the World Horror Convention in March.

The World Horror Convention is a gathering of the horror industry from across the world, and this year it is being held in Brighton. There will be readings, workshops, roundtables, other entertainments (including a one-man show about M.R. James, and one by Reggie Oliver), and an awards banquet.

It all takes place over the weekend of March 25th to 28th. There are still tickets available, I believe, although the price goes up on January 31st.

We will be performing readings (in the style of Round The Horne… Revisited) of two Gloamings, one on the Friday evening and one on the Saturday evening. We’re not sure which ones yet (I might even write a new one for it – they will certainly be somewhat adapted from the recorded versions).

I’ll be using this as a test run for a full live show; so, if all goes well, you could have In The Gloaming at a dingy fringe venue near you! Huzzah!

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