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This is a big Gloaming ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who has donated to us. It has meant a lot to us. We’ll be getting your signed scripts out to you next week.

Your donations meant that we could afford to enter ourselves for the Sony Radio Academy Awards. They are the biggest awards in the country for audio productions, so we may be way out of our league, but we really think that In The Gloaming is as good as anything that is on the radio. The nominations are announced on April 5th, so fingers crossed until then…

Your other donations have gone towards the costs of running the site. Although everyone is working for the love of the project, there are still ancillary costs like the bandwidth and storage for the podcasts, and things like that. Your donations really help to offset these costs.

As you’ll have noticed, we had to skip last month. In order to prevent this happening again, I’m going to try and work out ways in which we can raise some to solidify The Gloaming, and, one day, expand it.

So, are there any products you’d like to be able to buy from us but can’t? We’ve got the merchandise store, but it’s not as exciting as it could be.

The podcasts will remain free for as long as we do them, however we would like to give something to our donors, and if you have any suggestions I’d be glad to hear them. The things I’ve thought of are: signed scripts, a book of the scripts, CDs of the podcasts (with an extra introduction?), the chance to appear in a Gloam, the chance to have a character in a Gloam or Minigloam named after someone of your choice, to have a live performance of a Gloam at a venue of your choice, or to adopt a whole Gloaming (have the fact that you have adopted it mentioned in The Gloam itself, have your name in the title, to come to the recording, and other things).

I’m thinking of making those available to the donors on a sliding scale. Anyone else got any ideas about how we could put The Gloaming into a more stable financial position? Other things we could offer?

Anyway, thank you all for all of your help and support. You are wonderfully committed fans, and we really appreciate you. (And if you donated to the Sony find, check the post towards the end of next week or the beginning of the week after…)

Thanks again, and sweet screams…


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(if you’d like…)

We like ITG. We think it’s great, and we hope that the thousands of you who download it think it’s great, too.

We’d like to enter the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2010 (like the Oscars, but for provincial British radio output). Unfortunately, it costs £99.88, and what with it being Christmas and all, we’ve spent all of our cash on geese and port.

So, if you’d like to donate a pound or two to express your appreciation of any of the episodes, do please visit our Chipin page, which will tell you how much we’ve raised, how much we have left to raise, and all of that stuff.

Thank you in advance.

Donate here!

(Psst! If you donate more than £10 or $20, we’ll send you a signed copy of any script you’d like.)

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Hello. As you might know, In The Gloaming is made available completely free to anyone who wants to listen and hoard what we make.

There are, however, certain costs involved in making them (website hosting and storage for the audio files, that sort of thing). If you’d like to help out, please feel free to donate below.

If not, then don’t.

Either way, download and enjoy all you want. Then tell your friends… Thanks for listening…

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